Beginners Guide to “Is this Platinum?” and what is it worth?

There is a ton of information online about platinum, but not all of it is reliable. When you have something you suspect that is Platinum, there are a few indicators to help you out.

* Platinum will not melt with a flame/small handheld torch (take safety precautions)
-it will glow red hot and cool very quickly, and come back just as shiny if not cleaner
-it will not discolor in any way

* Platinum is very dense, it will feel very heavy in comparison to other metals.

* Platinum is non-magnetic, if it sticks to a magnet it is not platinum

* Platinum jewelry and other industrial products can be marked with purity of 1000/1000 95/5 90/10 85/15 80/20. Other markings like 925, 1/20, or 14k are not Platinum but may contain other precious metals.

* Platinum meteorites are extremely rare and only occur in a select few places on earth, the chances of anyone finding a Platinum containing rock are extremely small.

* Platinum is bendable, it is generally not brittle unless alloyed with other metals.

* Platinum is usually alloyed with another metal, and this will effect the value since it is not 100% pure.

Knowing where you got the suspected metal will help us greatly in helping you determine if it is in fact Platinum.
Platinum-Scrap-Buyer offers analysis of platinum samples; and with our extensive knowledge will be able to help you determine the value of your scrap Platinum.

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