Precious Metal Assaying Service

We offer Assaying services for all precious metals.

We conduct our own assaying for refining lots, but we also offer stand alone services for samples that customers want tested for content.

We are able to assay metal drillings, metal pieces, and powders.

Since we are refiners, we know that assays are only as good as the sample taken. Because of this we will be able to tell you how to take the best sample possible for your application to get the most accurate representation of what you have.

We do charge for our stand alone assay service depending on the number of elements you want reported, the complexity of the assay, and the number of samples you have to test.
Please call or email us for information and rates.

Call us today @ 1-888-939-0123
to speak directly to the refiner who will be handling your assay.

Any assay that we do and charge for will be refunded if we end up doing the refining for you for that precious metal scrap.