We Buy Silver

We are refiners of all precious metals, and can handle all your silver scrap. Often customers who have platinum also have Silver scrap they would like to sell. We offer the same level of quality refining services that we offer our Platinum customers on Silver as well.

Below is a list of some common types of silver that we buy and refine. If you need additional information on any of these particular types of silver scrap you can call us toll free at 1-888-939-0123 or Click Here to visit our Silver website

We Buy and Refine all types of scrap Silver:

Sterling Silver and Silver Flatware
Sterling Silver Flatware

  • Sterling forks
  • Sterling knives
  • Sterling spoons

Sterling Silver

  • Sterling serving pieces
  • Sterling holloware
  • Sterling cups

Dental Silver
Dental Scrap

  • Silver Crowns
  • Silver Bridges
  • Silver solders
  • Silver polishings
  • Silver grindings
  • Silver drillings
  • Silver castings
  • Silver spews

Silver Jewelry

  • Silver earrings
  • Silver bracelets
  • Silver necklaces
  • Silver rings
  • Silver watch cases

Silver Coin
silver coins

  • Pre 1964 Silver Coin
  • Silver Coins
  • Coin Silver
  • Junk Silver coin

Silver Bullion
Silver Bullion, 100toz and 10toz silver bars, 1toz silver rounds

  • Silver Bars
  • Silver Rounds

Silver Industrial Scrap:

Silver Flake
Silver Photographic Flake from film development or Silver traps

Silver Solder and Brazing sticks and rings

  • Silver wire
  • Silver solder
  • Silver brazing
  • Silver splatter
  • Silver coils

Silver ink

  • Silver Paste
  • Silver Ink
  • Silver Anode
  • Silver Turning

Silver Contacts

  • Silver Contacts

Call Us @ 1-888-939-0123 with any questions or
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